Product advantages of pebble mobile crushing plant

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Release time:2020-05-20

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Pebble is one of the important raw materials of high-quality aggregate because of its hard texture, high wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, users who want to invest in pebble crushing industry often ask: the profit margin of investing in pebble crushing plant is not big, what are the advantages of equipment?

What's the profit of crushing pebbles into sand? Firstly, pebbles are rich in resources, widely distributed, and low in raw material acquisition cost. Local materials can be used for crushing and processing. After crushing a ton of pebbles into sand, the profit earned is about 60-100 yuan. In some sand deficient areas, the profit is higher. If you invest in a small and medium-sized cobble crushing production line with an hourly output of 200 tons, and work 10 hours a day, the daily profit will start from tens of thousands of dollars, the higher the production capacity, the more the profit.

In order to achieve high efficiency and low cost operation of pebble crushing sand production line, and to meet the requirements of environmental protection, it is necessary to have a high-quality pebble crusher. At present, there are many equipment in the market, such as HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, HX sand making machine, etc., which can be used for pebble crushing and sand making, but mobile pebble crushing plant is also the one with good crushing effect, excellent environmental protection performance and high user preference.

Mobile pebble crushing plant is a new type of equipment in the crushing machinery industry. It is a combination of traditional sand making equipment and mobile frame, which is more intelligent, efficient and environmental friendly in the process of pebble crushing.

1. The mobile pebble crushing plant has variable body and strong flexibility. The mobile chassis of the mobile pebble crushing plant can be equipped with crawler type or tire type according to the user's needs; the main crusher can be equipped with HVI sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, composite crusher, etc. according to the user's needs to meet the diversified needs of users.

2. The mobile pebble crushing plant can walk freely and has strong adaptability. The mobile pebble crushing plant can realize the production of mobile sand crusher, which can directly go deep into the raw materials for production, without infrastructure construction, and can be put into production quickly, especially the crawler structure, hydraulic drive, and has stronger adaptability.

3. The mobile pebble crushing plant has high intelligence and remote control. The mobile pebble crushing plant has advanced configuration and high intelligent degree. A production line only needs a few people to produce, saving labor costs, especially the crawler structure, oil and electricity dual power supply, one key intelligent control.

4. The mobile pebble crushing plant has advanced configuration and excellent environmental protection performance. Mobile pebble crushing plant has outstanding environmental protection performance advantages. Closed production reduces pollution from the source, and with advanced spray, noise reduction and other environmental protection devices, it is easy to achieve "zero pollution" and face the environmental storm.

5. The mobile pebble crushing plant is economical and easy to use, and the comprehensive use cost is low. Although the single machine purchase cost of mobile pebble crushing plant is high, it can effectively save a lot of transportation cost, labor cost, etc., and also save a lot of time in the later use process, with low comprehensive use cost.

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