Mobile crushing plant for construction waste treatment

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Release time:2020-05-18

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The implementation of the mobile crushing plant successfully solves the negative problems caused by the construction waste, so the mobile crushing plant can be regarded as a competent person in the construction waste treatment production line.

When the mobile crushing plant is operating on the construction waste production line, the materials to be treated are transported to the crushing cavity of the crushing equipment by the belt conveyor, and the crushed materials fall into the belt conveyor to be sent out, and the materials are transported to the vibrating screen. The qualified materials screened by the vibrating screen are sent out by the hopper or the belt conveyor below the vibrating screen to be stacked. The unqualified large materials screened are straight Send it back to the crushing chamber of the crusher for further crushing.

Mobile crushing plant is not only used in the construction waste treatment production line, but also suitable for mining, stone crushing, highway and bridge construction and other fields, mainly including mobile crushing plant of coarse broken tire series, crawler type hydraulic drive crushing plant, crawler type screening standard mobile plant and so on. According to the actual production situation, the user can select the appropriate specification and model of mobile crushing plant.

Shuguang heavy machinery mobile crushing plant produced has the advantages of integration of the whole machine and strong matching; the equipment can directly go into the field to carry out operations and reduce the transportation links; in addition, it can also provide a variety of strong unit configurations according to the different production requirements of users and the actual production situation of users, which can be used as a single machine It can also be operated by multiple units, so as to realize the function combination of single unit crushing, multi unit combined grading crushing, screening, etc., which plays an important role in the construction waste treatment production line.

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