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Release time:2020-05-22

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In the actual purchase of mobile crushing plant, many users will not choose their own equipment. Based on our sales experience for many years, this article talks about how to select the right mobile crushing plant.

In terms of power, you may think that the greater the power is, the better the higher the power is, but in fact, it is good to select the mobile crusher and the right one. If only 5 million power is needed to complete, then it is unnecessary to select 8 million. If too much power is only used for air running, it will only cause unnecessary waste of cost.

Secondly, it is determined by the size of the materials to be broken after you return to the mobile crushing plant. Different types of mobile crushing plants have different sizes of materials to be broken, so when choosing mobile crushing plants, it is also very important to pay attention to this. Only when the appropriate mobile crushing plant is selected, can the size of the broken stones meet the production needs There can be no mistake at all.

Finally, you need to consider the working modes of the mobile crushing plant you choose after you go back. These modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. For users, they need to choose different modes of machinery according to their specific conditions. For example, in some quiet areas, they need to choose the silent mode. If they are on the construction site, they can choose some faster modes A little louder doesn't matter.

Generally speaking, whether the mobile crushing plant you choose is suitable or not has a great impact on the quality and speed of your work after you go back, and the damage will be faster for the mobile crushing plant itself.

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