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Release time:2021-03-17

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Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate, which is one of the commonly used raw materials in construction and industrial fields. The main component is calcium carbonate. Limestone is mainly formed in the shallow sea environment. There are abundant limestone resources in nature. In order to make better use of limestone and reduce resources Waste, the limestone is crushed and sand-making treatment, and the utilization value after treatment is greatly improved.

What are the types of limestone sand making machines
Limestone sand making machine is a special sand making equipment for limestone. The quotations for different types of equipment are also different. There are mainly the following three types of sand making machines.

1. HVI limestone sand making machine
The airflow inside the vortex chamber of the HVI sand making machine can be automatically circulated, with less dust overflow, and the body is equipped with dust removal and muffler devices, which protects the environment. It also has a shaping function. The output particles are good and mostly cube-shaped. The throughput of the HVI sand making machine is increased by 30% compared with the previous. The combined throwing head can be replaced, the cost is reduced by 30%, the feeding is flexible, and the lubrication method can be selected. The modular design of thin oil type and grease type can be interchanged as a whole.

2. VSI limestone sand making machine
The VSI sand making machine has large throughput, hydraulic lid opening for easy maintenance, high crushing efficiency, and thin oil lubrication. The price is moderate, the wear parts are made of new wear-resistant materials, the service life is longer, and the maintenance cost is reduced. Equipped with a dust removal device, it can effectively prevent the dust generated by the sand making machine from spilling out and reduce pollution. There are many models to meet the needs of different output and scale production, and the price is moderate.

3. HX limestone sand making machine
HX sand making machine is a small sand making equipment with shaping function. The air flow inside the vortex cavity is self-circulating during operation, with less dust and low noise. The stone can form a protective bottom layer, and the machine body is wear-free and durable.

What factors affect the price of small limestone sand making machine
The price of small limestone sand making machines is generally affected by two factors, one is the dominant factor, and the other is a secondary factor. The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Dominant factors
The leading factor that affects small limestone sand making machines is quality, which determines the price of the equipment. This is everyone knows. Generally, equipment with excellent quality has a long service life, high operating efficiency, and more stable operation. The price of the equipment is generally very high; and the equipment of average quality has too many failures and cannot create higher benefits for the majority of users, so the quotation is naturally low.
2.Secondary factors
In addition to the quality that affects the price of small limestone sand making machines, many factors such as the strength of the manufacturer, the size of the equipment, the supply relationship, and regional differences will also affect the price of the equipment to a certain extent. The quality of the equipment produced by the strong manufacturer is excellent, and the quotation is also Will be higher than the weaker manufacturers; the price of large limestone sand making machines will also be higher than the price of small limestone sand making machines, because the parameters between the two are very different, so users must do more when purchasing equipment The comparison of manufacturers, the understanding of market conditions, and the purchase of equipment from regular manufacturers can obtain higher benefits.

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