How to choose the right model of sand making machine equipment

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Release time:2021-03-15

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Many people say that there will be losses when investing in the sand making machine industry. The biggest reason is that they have not purchased suitable equipment. In fact, there is more than one type of sand making equipment, and the actual production situation of each user is different. The equipment configuration can be adjusted according to the needs, the machine configuration can be refined, the output taste can be optimized, and the operating efficiency of the production line can be improved. Therefore, if the sand production line is losing money, you may wish to consider whether the choice of sand making equipment is correct. Here is a brief introduction:

Most of the sand making machines used on the sand field are ordinary impact sand making machines. With the upgrading of sand making equipment, the impact sand making machines are also divided into multiple models. At present, the commonly used models include HVI sand making machine, compound sand making machine, fine crushing sand making machine and rod mill sand making machine. These models are improved on the basis of the traditional impact sand making machine. Higher productivity, better sand production rate and higher sand production efficiency can be used for high-grade sand production.

1. HVI sand making machine
HVI sand making machine is made of high-quality alloy material and equipped with a high-protection motor. It has the advantages of high energy saving efficiency, low operating cost, wide range of applications and long service life.

2. Compound sand making machine
Composite sand making machine adopts the impact working principle, good granulation type, high sand forming material, and the production capacity is about 5-100 tons per hour, which is very suitable for sand making operations in small production lines.

3. Fine crushing sand making machine
Fine crushing sand making machine is also a common type of small sand making production line. Its structural advantage lies in its grid structure, which can play a role in screening. A single machine can not only produce sand, but also remove impurities. If the requirements for sand taste are not very strict, there is no need to use a vibrating screen to screen.

4. Rod mill sand making machine
Rod mill machine-made sand machine, this kind of sand making equipment can be wet milled, if the water content of machine-made sand raw materials is relatively high, you can use the rod mill machine-made sand machine. The grinding medium is steel balls, the discharge size is fine, and the processing capacity is efficient. It is a common small-scale sand making production line equipment.

In addition to the correct model of sand making machine, the quality of the equipment should also be strictly controlled. The sand making machine has a large impact load during the working process, and some parts will wear out. Therefore, if the quality control is improper, the service life of the equipment will not be guaranteed. When choosing a sand making machine, users should visit the factory in person to compare the quality of sand making machines in different factories.

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