200 tons/hour truck-type mobile construction waste crushing plant

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Release time:2020-11-14

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Vehicle-type mobile construction waste crushing stations with a capacity of 200 tons per hour have attracted great attention in recent years. The acceleration of infrastructure construction has led to a large amount of construction waste.Sorting, crushing, and recycling of construction waste by mobile construction waste crushing stations is currently a relatively effective method.Shuguang's 200-ton-hour mobile construction waste crushing plant is affordable and reliable in quality.

1. Powerful and affordable
Compared with the fixed crushing production line, the 200-ton-per-hour mobile construction waste crushing plant can be described as "blue is better than blue". Compared with the fixed crushing production line, it has powerful functions and more affordable price. Construction waste is highly dispersed. The use of vehicle-type construction waste crushing stations can save a lot of transportation costs, and at the same time, it can also save infrastructure investment.It can be said that the cost performance is very high, and the price of the whole machine is more affordable compared to a whole crushing production line.

2. Intelligent upgrade, reliable quality
1. Free transition operation: equipped with crawler or tire drive device, it can travel to different sites for high-yield operations, convenient transition and reliable operation.

2. Intelligent control: The process flow is simple and the scale is easy to control. The whole machine is integrated with the PLC control system, which can realize remote operation, real-time control of the running dynamics of the fuselage, and safe operation.

3. Folding, flipping, and telescopic operations: Save space when shutting down, and each equipment can give full play to the kinetic energy of operation during operation to achieve high-volume operations.

4. Ship-shaped steel frame structure, long life: Full-shaped steel frame structure, modular assembly, strong adaptability to the environment, lower overall failure rate and longer life.

5. Excellent finished material: The processed finished aggregate can be formed into a variety of specifications, with high particle size distribution and good uniform quality, which can meet the material needs of the construction field.

The 200t/h vehicle-type mobile construction waste crushing plant realizes integrated production, multiple configurations, affordable, reliable quality, high production, and creates considerable economic value. It has been widely used in the field of construction waste recycling. Learn more about the design , Preferential quotation, model specifications, model options, customer site visits, please consult our customer service for free, Shuguang Heavy Industry will serve you wholeheartedly!

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