New mobile crushing station is more efficient

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Release time:2020-11-12

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The mobile crushing station is suitable for the crushing of soft or medium-hard and extremely hard materials. The mobile crushing station is widely used in large, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries and many other sectors. Classification can be divided into crawler-type mobile crushing station and tire-type mobile crushing station according to different production processes.

The mobile crushing station integrates the functions of feeding, crushing, transportation and screening equipment. It is a combination of multiple equipment, just like a complete production line. Equipped with a large-capacity stone feed bin and stone screening equipment. Large stones enter the stone silo through automatic transmission equipment. The silo transfers the stones to the crusher in the station through the automatic conveyor, and the crushed stone is transferred to the automatic screening equipment . After screening, the materials are conveyed to the stone accumulation place by the conveyor belt. In recent years, my country’s economy has developed rapidly and the process of urbanization has accelerated, but worrisome problems have also arisen. For example, environmental protection problems have emerged during economic development. Cement buildings cannot be separated from sand and soil. Excessive sand mining can cause problems. Issues such as reduced flood capacity, erosion of water and soil resources, and destruction of the ecological environment should arouse our full attention. Looking at the application of crushing equipment in infrastructure, engineering construction, mines, sand and gravel mining and other projects,more efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-yield, flexible and convenient mobile crushing production line equipment has appeared in more and more major construction projects.

The mobile crushing station, integrated with a complete set of units, eliminates the complicated site infrastructure and auxiliary facility installation operations of split components, reduces material and man-hour consumption, simple and compact facility layout, and expands the space for material stacking and transfer.The mobile crushing station is mobile and flexible, which is convenient for driving in the rugged and harsh road environment of the crushing site, and is more conducive to entering a reasonable construction area, providing a more flexible working space for the overall crushing process.It can provide flexible process plan configuration to meet various requirements of users such as mobile crushing and mobile screening.
In terms of energy consumption, the mobile mine crushing plant adopts a new structure to save fuel and electricity, and the saving rate can reach 25%; in terms of installation and demolition, there is no need to build foundations or transportation,only need to assemble the crushing station reasonably to start the road, which can save a lot of cost;In terms of operation, the entire work process has smooth discharge, stable operation, convenient operation and adjustment, low failure rate and low operating costs. The mobile mine crushing station can be matched with different models and types of crushing plants to meet the crushing needs of different materials (such as granite, pebbles, bluestone, construction waste, etc.), and the discharge can also be adjusted according to requirements.

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