Wrong lubrication operation of mobile crushing plant

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Release time:2020-09-30

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Lubrication operation is very important for mobile crushing plant. Through reasonable and effective lubrication, the bearing wear can be reduced and the heat dissipation can be assisted. However, if the improper operation mode is used in the lubrication process, the lubrication may not achieve the desired effect, that is, lubrication failure. Today, I've sorted out some wrong lubrication operations for you. Let's see if you have done it!

1. Do not control the amount of lubricating oil
When lubricating, some people think that it is not necessary to strictly control the amount of lubricating oil. It is OK to add a little more. In fact, these thoughts are wrong. When lubricating, the amount of lubricating oil should be controlled. If too much is added, the running resistance will be increased and the power consumption of the equipment will be increased; on the contrary, if too little is added, the surface can not form a uniform oil film, and the lubrication effect will not be achieved. Therefore, the correct way is to control the fuel filling volume at 50% - 70%.

2. The sealing ring can be used directly
In order to avoid the oil leakage problem, it is necessary to use the sealing ring to improve the sealing performance. Can the sealing ring be used directly? no, it isn't. First of all, the sealing ring should be checked for aging and elasticity. Secondly, the surface of the sealing ring should be cleaned before it can be used normally. Otherwise, the final sealing effect may be affected.

3. If it is oiled, it will not be under lubricated
For different parts, the lubrication requirements are not the same, so the brand of lubricating oil used will be different. However, many people think that the lubrication effect can be achieved by adding lubricating oil. There is no need to worry about under lubrication. This concept is also wrong, different brands of lubricating oil viscosity is different, can achieve different lubricating effect. Therefore, proper lubricating oil should be selected according to the working requirements of components.

In the lubrication operation of mobile crushing plant equipment, only after selecting the right lubricating oil, correctly lubricating and sealing, can the actual effect of lubrication work be achieved. In the process of practice, attention should be paid to avoid the occurrence of the above-mentioned wrong practices!

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