Some factors affecting the output of sand making machine

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Release time:2020-09-28

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For the various types and functions of sand making equipment on the market today, in addition to understanding the basic functions of these equipment, how much do we know about some common sense problems, for example, how many people will understand some factors that affect the output of sand making machines? I will give a brief introduction to the following, some factors affecting the output of sand making machine.

First of all, the first factor is the composition of the materials processed by the sand making equipment. For example, there are more impurities in the processed materials, or there are more fine dust. During the transportation of these dust, it is particularly easy to stick to the inside of the sand making machine, which will also affect the production quality of the equipment.

Second, the performance of materials will also affect the production and quality of products. For example, if the humidity of the material is relatively high, it is easy to adhere. The higher the hardness is, the more friction will be caused to the cavity of the sand making machine, which will not only affect the production output, but also affect the quality of the equipment.

The third point is mainly reflected in the operation methods of some of our operators. For example, if the material is not well mastered, especially if the quantity is too large or too little, it will affect the production output of the sand making machine, including the connection of time and not mastering the time well, which will also affect the output.

Of course, on the other hand, if our operators do not strictly follow the regulations in the operation process, it will also affect the production output and quality of the sand making machine.

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