What are the advantages of mobile jaw crushing plant

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Release time:2020-09-09

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The mobile crusher plant is divided into many models, and the mobile jaw crushing plant is one of many combinations. The mobile jaw crushing plant is equivalent to a stone production line based on jaw crushers. It contains four system modules for feeding, crushing, screening, and conveying, but its volume is only one percent of the old production line with the same capacity 45. The site area is greatly saved. As the so-called "small man" also has "big ability", a crushing station that seems light and handy, the production capacity is not weak, the output is high, the use is flexible and easy to meet various user standards .

Advantages of mobile jaw crushing plant: 
1. Convenience: One-stop design of feeding, crushing, screening, etc., work more flexible, walk more freely, can climb slope operations, and more convenient;

2. High-yield: It can support a variety of high-yield customizations with higher work efficiency;

3. Environmental protection: environmentally friendly work, less pollution, low noise, and the motor has a good energy-saving effect

The mobile jaw crushing plant is not limited to one mode. According to the walking mode, it can be divided into a tire mobile jaw crushing plant and a crawler mobile jaw crushing plant. So what is the difference between the two?

The difference between tire type and crawler type mobile jaw crushing plant
1. The overall design
Intuitively, there is a difference between the two designs.
a. The tire mobile jaw crushing plant has a small volume and a lighter body weight;
b. The space layout of the crawler mobile jaw crushing plant is more compact and flexible, and the configuration of each module is reasonable.

2. Mobile
a. The former requires the front of the car to move, which is convenient for road driving, does not damage the road surface, and has a small turning radius. It is more convenient to operate on-site steering, transportation, and climbing.
b. The crawler mobile jaw crushing plant uses crawler hydraulic drive, which has a higher degree of automation. Its walking system can be directly controlled by remote control, making it easier to drive it on the trailer; it is also easier to turn around on the rugged road.

3. Stable performance
a. The former requires hydraulic outriggers under the frame to increase the stability of the whole machine, and relatively more preparations are required after arrival.
b. The latter has a low chassis and a large tonnage, and the track touches the ground, and the grounding area is large and more stable. At the same time, it can be directly put into work on site without assembly time and almost no restrictions on site requirements.

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