How to solve the motor heating of the mobile crushing plant

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Release time:2020-09-07

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The motor is the power equipment of the tire-type mobile crushing plant. During the operation of the mobile crushing plant, the motor is easy to generate heat. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the motor will be burned. In order to solve this problem, we need to understand the tire-type mobile crushing plant. Causes and solutions of motor heating.

1. Abnormal vibration of the motor
Motor vibration is caused by poor rotor dynamic balance, poor bearing, shaft tortuosity, different shaft of end cover, base and rotor, loose fasteners, uneven motor equipment, improper equipment, etc., or mechanical end transmission.
Solution: Confirm which constitutes, and then correct or replace its parts.

2. Abnormal bearing operation
When the bearing is not working normally, it will also cause the motor to heat up. Whether the bearing is working normally can be judged by hearing and temperature; the end of the bearing can be tested by hand or a thermometer to confirm whether the temperature is within the normal range and work for 3000-5000 hours The lubricating oil should be replaced once from left to right.
Solution: Replace the damaged bearing. If there is no damage, add lubricating oil.

3.Short circuit
When the insulation between two adjacent wires of the line is damaged, the two wires collide and cause a short circuit, causing the motor to heat up or even burn.
Solution: Check the cause of the short circuit and correct the damaged insulator to avoid the short circuit.

4.Materials enter the motor
When solid material or dust enters the motor from the junction box, it stays in the air gap between the stator and rotor of the motor. When the weather is humid, it will become a conductor, causing a short circuit inside the motor and causing heat.
Solution: Clean the inside of the motor and do a good job of dustproofing the motor.

5.Other reasons
Motor temperature rise caused by other non-mechanical and electrical faults may also cause motor faults in severe cases. If the ambient temperature is high, the motor lacks a fan, the fan is incomplete or the fan cover is missing.
Solution: Force cooling to ensure ventilation or replace the blades, otherwise the normal operation of the motor cannot be guaranteed.

The mobile crushing plant works in the field, and sometimes the temperature has a greater impact on the equipment motor. You should always pay attention to the temperature change. When it reaches a certain value, you need to stop the machine for inspection to avoid excessive motor temperature and damage.

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