What are the protection of the Raymond mill in outdoor work

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Release time:2020-02-14

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For the production of sand and gravel quarry, basically all is the outdoor work, and work is a remote mountain area, because the raw material is use local materials, but some users will also be appropriate to build some simple shed used for shade, such as rain, because the Raymond mill is the outdoor work, and is motor driven alive is diesel engine driven, such as power supply part is cannot come into contact with water, but what are the protection for the work of Raymond mill outdoor?


First: motor parts should be waterproof measures to avoid broken motor impact motor burn out into the rain normal work, check the power cord junction box Raymond mill in time to avoid not to be a long time the rain, prevent rust seized up, the second time some lubricating oil inside the Raymond mill, completes the maintenance work of Raymond mill, so as to avoid precocious outside to families in use process for the inconvenience caused.


Second, open-air Raymond mill wants to be able to withstand the wind, sun, rain and hot summer and cold winter climate change, the machine easy off paint, may also be rusty parts caused by friction is bigger and, in turn, cause local overheating, burning machine, sun and rain to the mill will produce different degree of damage, grinding closed surface still need coated with antirust oil leakage, find rust treatment and rust repair measures immediately. Therefore, it is more necessary for technical personnel to conduct regular inspection and maintenance work to extend the service life of Raymond mill.


Above is about some protection measures of Raymond mill in outdoor work, you must pay attention to, so you can have the effect of protection device, can effectively extend the service life of equipment, reduce the production cost. Of course, we should improve the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the cost of production, not only to do well, but also pay more attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, so as to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

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