Reasons of Raymond Mill bearing wear

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Release time:2020-02-13

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There are several reasons for the serious bearing wear of Raymond Mill: improper installation, poor lubrication, pollution and fatigue. The following Shuguang Machine analyzes these reasons and gives solutions.


1、 Improper installation (about 16%)
1. When installing, using brute force and hitting the bearing directly with hammer will cause great damage to the bearing, which is the main cause of deformation.

2. If the bearing is not installed in place, the installation deviation or not installed in the bearing position will cause the bearing clearance to pass the calibration, and the inner and outer rings will not rotate uniformly.

Suggestion: select proper or professional bearing installation tools, and use special instruments to test after installation.


2、 Poor lubrication (about 50%)

According to the investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of bearing premature failure. The main reasons include: not filling lubricant or lubricating oil in time; not filling lubricant or lubricating oil in place; improper selection of lubricant or lubricating oil; inaccurate lubrication mode, etc.

Suggestion: choose the right lubricant or oil, and use the right way to fill.


3、 Pollution (about 14%)

Pollution can also lead to premature bearing damage, which means that dust, metal chips, etc. enter the bearing. The main reasons include: premature opening of bearing packaging before use, resulting in pollution; unclean working environment during installation, resulting in pollution; unclean working environment of bearing, working medium pollution, etc.

Suggestion: do not unpack the bearing as far as possible before use; keep the installation environment clean during installation, clean the bearing to be used; strengthen the sealing device of the bearing.


4、 Fatigue (about 34%)

Fatigue damage is a common way of bearing damage. The common causes of fatigue damage may be: long-term overload operation of bearings; untimely maintenance; improper maintenance; equipment aging, etc.

Suggestion: select the appropriate bearing type and replace the tired bearing on time.


To sum up, there are many reasons for early bearing damage. The above are the main reasons, sometimes comprehensive reasons. If the bearing type selection is accurate, the installation mode is accurate and in place, and the lubrication mode and lubricant selection are accurate, the bearing can work normally.


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