What kind of material is Raymond mill suitable for

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Release time:2019-11-27

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Regarding the production process of Raymond mill, no matter what type of mill is selected in production, it must ensure its reasonable feeding properties. Otherwise, it will increase the difficulty of production and cause a decrease in efficiency. Even equipment damage, aging and other phenomena, then what kind of materials can be processed for this machine? Today, we invited the professionals of Baichen Machinery to share with you.

Raymond mill can process materials with a hardness of less than seven, humidity of less than 6%, and belongs to non-flammable and explosive ore. In addition, the required feed size is between 20-30 mm, which can be seen The hardness of the material that can be processed by this machine cannot be greater than 7, yes cannot be greater than 6%, and it is non-flammable and explosive. In addition, its feed size cannot be greater than 30 mm and not less than 20 mm. Raw materials that meet these requirements can use Raymond. Mill for processing, otherwise it cannot be processed with this machine.
If the hardness of the material added to the inside of the Raymond mill is greater than 7, the grinding difficulty will increase during processing, which will not only reduce the efficiency, but also increase the wear of the internal parts. If the humidity is greater than 6%, Then, inside the machine, the materials are stuck together, which will cause the phenomenon of blockage. This is also an important reason for the decline in equipment efficiency. Similarly, if materials that do not meet other requirements are added to the inside of the Raymond mill, Will cause changes in production effects, which is why the feeding properties are better than the requirements of the mill.

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