Core position of Raymond mill in the ultrafine powder production line

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Release time:2019-11-22

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Users should pay special attention to the choice of Raymond mill when choosing a mill, because Raymond mill plays a key role in the milling line.
The Raymond Mill is a part of the entire production line that transforms the material into a finished product. After the material is pulverized to the required particle size, the material is sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then the material is uniformly and continuously fed into the main grinding chamber of the Raymond mill by the vibrating feeder, and the grinding roller is rotated due to the centrifugal force during the rotation. Swinging outward, pressing against the grinding ring, the blade shovels the material and sends it between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, which is crushed by the rolling of the grinding roller. The fine powder after grinding of the material is brought into the analyzer for sorting with the circulating wind of the blower, and the finely coarse material falls back to the regrind, and the qualified fine powder enters the finished cyclone collector with the airflow, and the thunder is discharged through the powder discharging pipe. It is a finished product.
Raymond Mill is a new generation of mill products with novel design principles, adopting new concept grinding technology, introducing advanced German technology, and possessing a number of independent patent property rights, which can meet the crushing of different material specifications. The new technology of the mill is exquisite, creating a new era of high efficiency and low energy consumption. In order to meet the requirements of users for processing different rock, fineness, output, use and different process requirements, in order to adjust the scale of investment according to local conditions, and to achieve the best economic benefits for investment, the industrial mill production project.

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