Analysis of the causes of abnormal heating of ultrafine Raymond mill

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Release time:2019-10-31

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With the development of ultra-fine Raymond grinding technology, more and more companies have eliminated the traditional ball mill and started using ultra-fine grinding machines. With the development of the times, the ball mill is more harmful to the environment during use, and the application of the ultra-fine Raymond mill is more and more extensive.

Since the powder producers often call to ask questions about the "abnormal heat" of the ultra-fine Raymond mill in the near future, Kexing experts here to explain to the customers. In fact, the ultra-fine Raymond mill is "abnormally hot" for a reason:

One may be the rotor imbalance of the ultra-fine Raymond mill, the bearing is suddenly shocked during the operation of the ultra-fine Raymond mill, causing heat;

The second may be that the lubrication condition of the ultra-fine Raymond mill bearing is abnormal, too much or too little will cause heat;

The third is that the bearings enter impurities and dust, which become heat and even wear of the bearings.

We can balance the rotor by adjusting the height of the bearing seat; establish a lubrication system to ensure that the lubricating oil is filled regularly and quantitatively, and the general lubrication accounts for 70%-80% of the bearing space; the ultra-fine grinding machine is cleaned and repaired after use. To prevent all debris and dust from entering, and to do the sealing work of the ultra-fine grinding machine.

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