Uses of limestone Raymond mill product

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Release time:2019-10-28

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Limestone is a kind of widely used precious resource, which is usually used as building materials, and also an important raw material for many industries. It can be used to produce Portland cement and coating grade heavy calcium carbonate for high grade paper making. It is used as filler in the production process of plastics and coatings. Casting sand for manufacturing machinery. Production of desulfurizer. It is used to produce active lime and passivation lime. Active lime can be produced by calcining limestone, and passivated lime can be produced after processing.

The common processing technology of limestone is to use a special grinding machine for mechanical crushing to make it into powder. After limestone is directly crushed, it can get heavy calcium carbonate. According to the different fineness of crushing, the industry is divided into four different specifications: single flying, double flying, three flying and four flying, which are respectively used in various industrial departments.

Solo powder:

It is used for the production of anhydrous calcium chloride, and is an auxiliary raw material for the production of sodium dichromate. Main raw materials for glass and cement production. In addition, it is also used for building materials and poultry feed.

Shuangfei powder:

Is the production of anhydrous calcium chloride and glass raw materials, rubber and paint white filler, as well as building materials.

Three flying powder:

Used as filler for plastics, paint putty, paint, plywood and paint.

Four flying powder:

It is used as the filler of wire insulation layer, rubber molding products and asphalt felt.

At present, the limestone pulverizers introduced by various manufacturers are developed from the design process of traditional Raymond mill, which is specially suitable for the deep processing and production of limestone. They are called Raymond pulverizers in the industry. This series of pulverizers are designed with relatively mature grinding process, which can be well applied to the processing and production of limestone.

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