How to Screen Powder by Micro-powder Raymond mill

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Release time:2019-08-10

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The commonly used mill is Raymond mill, which we are very familiar with. The mill can achieve fineness by suspension roll rolling and air selection. The fineness analyzer is the main merit of powder screening. The speed of the analyzer is high and fine, and the speed is low and the fineness is coarse. There is also through the regulation of fan air volume control, large fine air volume, high coarse output, small fine air volume, low output.

Raymond mill is a kind of grinding equipment with environmental protection and energy saving. It is equipped with many kinds of equipment, such as main engine, fan, analyzer, dust collector, connecting pipe and so on. Raymond mill is a kind of high-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving ore grinder equipment, but it can not only process ores suitable for processing hundreds of kinds of materials, one-time feeding and one-time pulverizing fineness adjustment is convenient, and the adjustment fineness through the combined action of fan and analyzer does not need screen mesh, it will not cause blockage, water content of materials to be required. Not too high, but not too wet. The instructions say that it is suitable for processing materials with Mohs hardness below 7. How to judge whether or not to process materials that can be crushed by the main hammer can be processed. Material with high fiber toughness is not easy to process.

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