Inspect and Replace the Order of Raymond Mill Scraper

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Release time:2019-08-08

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The spade is one of the important parts of Raymond grinding. Whether the work is normal or not directly affects the output of the whole machine and the operation of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the spade regularly and repair or replace it in time when wear or other conditions are found.

In the process of grinding materials, the materials need to be leveled with a shovel knife. If the blade wears seriously, it will inevitably make the material unable to improve and affect the output. This is why some users feel their output is declining after using the device for a period of time.

In addition, in order to check whether the shovel edge connecting bolt is loose, we know that vibration occurs during Raymond grinding, which may lead to long-term loosening of the shovel edge connecting bolt. If not carefully checked, the spade will fall off, which will seriously affect the equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to check Raymond's grinding shovel knife at ordinary times to see if there are any abnormalities and to deal with them in time.

In Raymond mill production, shovel blade plays a key role. It shovels the material into the main mill between the grinding roll and the grinding ring. In this way, wear will occur during grinding and long-term production. So when is it better to replace the spade?

From the perspective of reflection, if the blade wear will cause any problems, the material will not be shoveled if the wear is serious. At this time, the feeding end does not know. The feeding end continuously feeds the material into the machine, which can not be grinded, and the material will be blocked after a long time. This is the most obvious feature.

Raymond grinding shovel cutter is manufactured according to the standard, which is matched with the model. Users are not allowed to adjust the equipment by changing the size of the spade at will. Someone asked how to know that the blade of the shovel was worn out. We can't see it again. Don't worry, because our shovels are also made of high wear-resistant materials. We don't need to check them regularly.

To tell you the key point, when you find that the output has dropped dramatically, you should stop the machine to check the blade, and replace it immediately when you find that the wear is serious, so as not to affect production.

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