How to choose Raymond mill parts

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Release time:2019-07-05

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Raymond mill parts play different roles in grinding materials. For example, grinding roll grinding ring plays a role in grinding, shovel blade plays a role in shoveling materials, bearing plays a supporting role and most of the driving role, etc. Not only that, the different parts in the machine are also important parts of the machine.But the service life of these different parts is limited. When they are damaged, they need to be replaced, the replacement needs the choice of parts. What factors should be taken into account when choosing Raymond mill parts?

1. Model selection
Because Raymond mill has different types, different types of equipment can meet the grinding requirements of different materials, and different types of equipment need different components, that is to say, different types of Raymond mill require different parts, so in the selection of parts, we need to refer to the type of mill. Otherwise, the installation gap is unreasonable and so on, which can not help the smooth production.

2. Selection of Quality
For Raymond mill, the replacement of parts is mainly due to its limited life and need to be replaced, so it needs to be purchased. Therefore, when purchasing, attention should be paid to quality issues. If the quality is good, the service life will be longer, and the frequency of faults in production is relatively low, so the maintenance cost is low. The effect of efficiency is low, but if the quality is not good, faults occur frequently in production, which not only affects the production efficiency, but also increases the maintenance cost of Raymond mill, so it is very important for quality reference.

Of course, for the use of Raymond mill, generally for the purchase of the machine, some spare parts will be stored, but if there is no spare parts or spare parts are not enough, it needs to be purchased, when the purchase priority is given to the original manufacturer, which is more effective for model matching, but if because of the lack of spare parts or spare parts, it is necessary to choose the original manufacturer. If the original manufacturer can not be selected for reasons such as long distance, we need to pay attention to model matching and quality judgment.

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