How to choose the correct crusher

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Release time:2019-04-10

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There are many types of crushers on the market. How do you choose the crusher that suits you?
Before selecting the pulverizing equipment, firstly, according to the material properties of the granules, the pulverized products, and the granularity requirements, the corresponding force application method is adopted to determine the manner of pulverizing and exerting force, and then the smashing equipment model is determined. Mainly divided into the following situations:

1. Hard materials with large or medium grain size generally use crushing and impact crushing, such as jaw crusher, tooth roller crusher, etc.

2. Abrasive materials are generally crushed, and the surface of the pulverizing tool is smooth.

3. Abrasive materials are impact crushed, crushed, and ground. The crushing tools have sharp teeth.

4. Hard materials with smaller particle size generally adopt crushing, impact crushing and grinding. The surface of the pulverizing tool has no teeth and is smooth, such as a roller crusher.

5, ductile materials generally use shear or fast strike, such as hammer crusher.

6, powder or muddy materials should be crushed, impact crushed or crushed, such as ball mill.

7. Multi-component materials are crushed by selection under impact, and various force fields can also be combined.

8. The choice of crusher is also related to the specific situation of the construction site. The construction site is the most direct factor affecting the selection of crusher equipment.

All kinds of crushers produced by Shuguang Heavy Industry can meet the requirements of various working conditions. At the same time, the company's technical department can design and improve the special conditions of the customer to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

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