The process of potassium feldspar grinding powder

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Release time:2019-03-11

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Potassium feldspar is a common industrial raw material and usually needs to be ground into a powder before it can be used. The following describes the process of  potassium feldspar grinding into powder.

Broken screening stage:

According to the different maximum grain size of the ore, from the simplest one-stage crushing process to the three-stage crushing process, the massive ore is coarsely crushed, and then sieved. The qualified ore in the crushing stage enters the grinding operation, and the ore is returned to the fine crushing. To ensure the eligibility of the ore particle size for the next stage of operation.

Grinding classification stage:

The qualified products in the crushing stage enter the wet grid type ball mill for grinding. The discharge of the ball mill enters the classification equipment for classification, and the grit of the classification equipment returns to the ball mill for re-grinding. The overflow of the classification equipment is the qualified product in the grinding stage.

Desliming stage:

The qualified grinding mineral material is sent to the demineralizer for desliming operation.
Magnetic separation stage:
After deliming, the ore enters a two-stage magnetic separation operation of weak magnetic + strong magnetic to remove magnetic substances in the ore.

Flotation stage:

In order to remove the iron substances, calcium substances and mica and other impurities that may exist in the magnetic separation concentrate, excessive quartz in the ore is separated to improve the concentrate grade, and the magnetic separation concentrate is subjected to flotation purification and purification. For impurity minerals, high-grade feldspar fine powder is usually obtained by selecting a good collector.

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