Better to achieve smaller ball milling particle size

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Release time:2019-01-26

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In the entire beneficiation process of the concentrator, the grinding operation cost accounts for a considerable proportion, and as the important equipment ball mill for grinding operations, the grinding fineness is one of the main factors affecting the beneficiation index. The size of the grinding fineness will directly affect the level of the concentrate and the recovery rate of the product. Therefore, how to improve the grinding fineness of the ball mill becomes an important part of controlling the cost of grinding operations.

After extensive trials and project practice, in terms of grinding fineness, Shuguang Heavy Industry experts pointed out that grinding fineness is usually determined by the ore dressing test to determine an optimal grinding size range. Therefore, no matter whether the grinding is too thick or too fine, it is impossible to do so. Only the appropriate grinding fineness is the necessary beneficiation condition for separating useful metal minerals from gangue or harmful elements.

Therefore, in the selection of mill equipment, Shuguang Heavy Industry experts suggest that the concentrator should select the appropriate mill mill model according to the nature of the ore according to the ore's own production requirements when selecting the ball mill. However, because many concentrators do not have clear grinding fineness requirements, many mine owners still cannot choose the right mill equipment. In view of the fact that the fineness of grinding is the result of numerous ore dressing tests, for this case, Shuguang Heavy Industry experts suggest that it is best to inform the ball mill manufacturer of the ore material and the results of the grinding test when purchasing the ball mill equipment. Please refer to the professional staff for more secure, do not arbitrarily determine the grinding fineness, prevent mistakes in the production process and the occurrence of safety accidents.

Therefore, the grinding equipment staff of the concentrator should pay attention to the selection of grinding operations and grinding equipment, master the grinding technology, and strictly control the grinding fineness in the best solution of mineral processing economic indicators.

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