Parts installation of sand making machine

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Release time:2021-03-30

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The sand making machine is widely used for fine crushing and rough grinding of metal and non-metal ores, cement, refractory materials, construction aggregates, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slags.

Before installing the sand making machine, first check according to the packing list to check whether the parts are complete and damaged; then the installation can be carried out. The installation method of the main parts of the sand making machine is as follows:

1. Installation of rotor and upper cylinder
When installing the rotor, ensure the matching accuracy between the rotor and the main shaft. If it does not meet the requirements, the center hole of the rotor can be adjusted. During the installation process of the cylinder with the counterattack plate fixed, ensure that the inner wall of the cylinder and the rotor are in contact with each other. The gap should meet the specified requirements.

2. Installation of the cover
When installing the cover, ensure the accuracy of the fit between the main shaft and the sliding bearing, and at the same time ensure the accuracy of the fit between the main shaft and the upper gear shaft.If it does not meet the requirements, the bolt holes and the cover boss can be adjusted to ensure the installation accuracy of the spindle. The gearbox is installed on the cover with bolts, and the installation corresponds to the requirements in the drawings for assembly and appropriate adjustments.

3. Installation of the motor
The motor is connected with the gear shaft of the reduction box in the elastic coupling. During the installation of the motor, the coaxiality of the main gear shaft of the motor must be ensured. The deviation is not allowed to be too large, otherwise it will affect the rotation of the shaft.

4. Installation of the belt
Before installing the belt, start the motor. The direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction of the label on the sand making machine, that is, as seen from the feeding port, if the impeller rotates counterclockwise and the direction of the label is opposite, adjust the motor wiring so that the direction of rotation is consistent with the direction of the label. ; For the dual-motor drive main shaft assembly and the motors on both sides, use the same number of triangle tapes to connect to the main shaft assembly, and the tension force of the triangle tapes on both sides should be adjusted to be the same and straight.

Special attention is that after the sand making machine is installed on site, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil pipe is firmly connected; add secondary oil before trial operation;check whether the connection of each part is firm and reliable, whether there is any foreign matter on the impeller; check whether the motor wiring is correct, whether the voltage is normal, etc., if there is any problem, it should be eliminated in time.

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