How to choose a mobile crushing station and a fixed crushing production line

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Release time:2020-11-27

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The fixed crushing production line has a long service life, mature and stable technology, and most mine crushing stations are fixed. With the development of mining equipment technology and process technology, cost-effective mobile crushing plants are also very popular. So, what are the advantages of mobile and stationary crushing production lines? Which is higher investment cost? How to choose?
This article takes the daily processing of 400t of raw ore in a mine, the use of two-stage one closed-circuit crushing process, and the crushing of ore with a lumpiness of less than 650mm to materials less than 30mm for analysis.

1. Scheme comparison
1.1 Fixed crushing station
A fixed crushing station is a crushing production line that installs the crushing equipment on a suitable site and cannot be moved after a one-time installation.
The fixed crushing station needs to build the equipment foundation, part of the floor, retaining wall, steel concrete silo, steel roof truss workshop, belt corridor and other civil works and steel frames, and the civil engineering investment is relatively large.
(1) Advantages:
①Regular process layout, mature construction and operation;
②Centralized crushing, equipment selection can be large-scale.
(2) Disadvantages:
① It covers a large area and has high requirements for site selection;
② Large investment in civil engineering, long construction period, and many uncontrollable factors;
③5 operators/shift and 2 forklifts are required;
④Long process, many equipments and difficult management;
⑤It needs to be short and the crushing cost is high;
⑥After the ore is mined, all civil works cannot be reused.

1.2 Mobile crushing station
The mobile crushing station has the advantages of being movable and convenient for transfer. It can be used directly on the stope platform, which is convenient and flexible, and does not require the construction of workshops and civil foundations. It is especially suitable for mines with difficult land acquisition;
In addition, after mining resources, they can be transferred to any other site for continued use, so mobile crushing stations are more economical and applicable than fixed crushing stations.

(1) Advantages:
①The mobile crushing station is a complete set of equipment that has been manufactured by the manufacturer. It does not need to be installed on site and can be used after power on;
②It covers a small area and can be used directly on the existing platform of the stope;
③Just feed the blasted ore with an excavator directly to the equipment silo, and after crushing, the qualified raw ore cart is directly pulled to the processing plant;
④No need for civil engineering, no workshop;
⑤Using two modes of oil and electricity, in terms of field work, it is flexible to move, can walk by itself, and adopts remote control or manual driving;
⑥Low investment pressure;
⑦Each shift requires only 2 people to operate, one excavator for feeding and one loader for loading;
⑧If the ore in the mine is finished, the equipment can be transferred to other sites for crushing (including various ores in the original ore yard, gravel for construction, construction waste from building demolition, highways, and stone plants near high-speed railways for crushing operations);
⑨The raw ore does not need to be shortened, and the crushing cost is relatively low;
⑩Short manufacturing cycle and quick results.

(2) Disadvantages:
① If equipped with large-capacity equipment, the investment is relatively large;
②If there are many mining sites, multiple units need to be configured for simultaneous operation.

2. Comparative analysis of investment costs
2.1 Investment comparison

A set of fixed crushing station costs a lot of equipment, plant and civil construction; a set of mobile crushing station includes mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone, and mobile screening machine. The mobile crushing station saves investment cost than the fixed crushing station.

2.2   Comparison of operating costs
(1) Power consumption.
The installed capacity of the fixed crushing station and the mobile crushing station are both 500kW, and the power consumption is the same.
(2) Labor.
The fixed crushing station is operated by 5 people per shift, and the mobile crushing station is operated by 2 people per shift.
(3) The wearing parts of the equipment are the same.
(4) Supporting heavy machinery.
The fixed crushing station requires 2 forklifts, one for raw ore bin feeding and one for fine ore loading; the mobile crushing station requires one excavator for ore feeding and one forklift for fine ore loading. The mobile crushing station uses one more excavator for feeding, but one less forklift, and there are 3 fewer operators per shift than the fixed crushing station. After actual calculation, the cost of the two is similar.

Take the mine’s daily processing of 400t of raw ore as an example. Compared with the mobile crushing station, the fixed crushing station has the same investment and similar operating costs, but the mobile crushing station has the advantage of being mobile and can be used directly on the stope platform. Convenient and flexible, without the need to build workshops and civil foundations, it is especially suitable for mines with difficult land acquisition. In addition, after mining resources, they can be hauled to any place that needs to be crushed for continued use, so mobile crushing stations are more economical and applicable than fixed crushing stations.

According to the specific situation, whether to choose a mobile station or a fixed line, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze various factors and make a reasonable choice. Welcome to leave a message to communicate your problems.

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