Why mobile crushing station is widely used

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Release time:2020-11-18

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Under the background of energy saving, environmental protection, green and low carbon, the sand and gravel aggregate industry has ushered in great development. The traditional crusher industry is facing a major reshuffle. Mobile crushing plants are now widely used. Mobile crushing plants are divided into wheel and crawler types. So what are the advantages and characteristics of the mobile crushing station?
Strong mobility
Compared with the traditional crushing station, the mobile crushing station has a shorter length and can use independent movable chassis for different crushing equipment.In this way, the wheelbase can be shortened and the turning radius can be reduced, so that the machine can travel flexibly in the work area or on the highway.Compared with the crawler crushing station, the wheeled mobile crushing station is more suitable for working in the flat environment area, and on the contrary, the crawler crushing station has more advantages. Compared with the traditional crusher, the material and labor costs are reduced, and the excellent characteristics of strong mobility can complete various tasks in various areas.
Flexible combination
The mobile crushing station adopts the integrated equipment installation form of feeding, conveying, crushing, etc., which not only eliminates cumbersome problems such as equipment component installation, but also invisibly reduces the consumption of material and labor costs, and a variety of models are in close proximity. With the cooperation, the efficiency of each model is improved, and the flexibility of the equipment stationed site is also improved.
Reduce transportation costs
Traditional crushers are often fixed at a certain location on the construction site or outsourced to other crushing stations due to their immovability. Stones and materials require specific human handling or mechanical transportation, which imperceptibly increases the cost of manpower and material transportation. For reducing the cost of material transportation, the mobile crushing station can process materials on site due to its high mobility, which greatly reduces the cost of material transportation.
Work efficiently
The mobile crushing station can not only be used alone, but also can be combined according to the different needs of customers to provide a variety of more flexible models to meet the various needs of users for crushing, mobile screening, etc., making the logistics operation more direct and reliable, and increasing the added value of the product invisibly, while also maximizing cost reduction.
Reliable performance
The mobile crushing station can carry out the process of "crushing before screening" or "screening before crushing" according to different crushing process requirements or customer requirements. Or configure other equipment according to the needs of customers, from the selection of mobile crushing stations to the reasonable combination of screening stations, which can form a complete crushing and screening station on the work site to improve transportation efficiency.In operation and transportation operations, it has high flexibility.
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