Maintenance of mobile crushing plant in summer

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Release time:2020-05-27

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The hot summer is coming, which is also a "tough" season for the mobile crushing plant. We operators must pay special attention to some maintenance details to prevent "heatstroke" of mobile crushing plant. The maintenance of mobile crushing plant in summer focuses on engine, oil viscosity and cooling system. Understand the maintenance knowledge of these places. Even if there is no special master, the owner can do some basic checks for the mobile crushing plant by himself. Hot summer owners must pay attention to the following:

1. Do a good job in the maintenance of the mobile crushing plant, regularly check the equipment in various aspects, do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, replace the "three filters" and the engine oil, replace or adjust the belt, and check whether the fan, water tank, generator, compressor and other components can operate normally.

2. Clean the oil and dust on the engine body in time to ensure good heat dissipation of the engine.

3. In order to change the appropriate viscosity grade of oil in the mobile crushing plant, the viscosity grade of oil in summer is generally higher than that in other times.

4. For engine oil and lubricating oil, it is necessary to change the oil for use in summer. The oil quantity is appropriate. Check whether there is oil leakage frequently, especially the fuel oil, and make up in time.

5. Check whether the cooling system and fuel system are unobstructed, and replace the aged wires, plugs, oil pipes, screws, and fasten the fuel pipes to prevent fuel leakage.

In short, for our own safety, we should observe the operation of the mobile crushing plant to prevent the spontaneous combustion of the machine in summer. In addition to some external factors such as lighters that may cause spontaneous combustion, pay attention to check the engine, circuit and oil circuit to see if there is aging and oil leakage. Especially for those mobile crushing plants which are older, the circuit burden may be increased. Once problems are found, they should be solved in time. Finally, remember to equip mobile six with a fire extinguisher, which is necessary, and many users often forget this.

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