Raymond mill grinding medium

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Release time:2020-02-11

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The loading system of Raymond mill grinding medium is the prerequisite to achieve good grinding index, so the experience should be explored on site to summarize the most suitable loading system.

The shape and material of medium are mostly ball and rod grinding medium. The ball has the best rolling performance, so the room ore effect is high, but when the ball collides, it is point contact. Compared with the long round bar, the ball has strong over crushing ability and poor particle size uniformity. When the grinding product is required to be coarse, the ground material is brittle, and the particle size is required to be uniform, it is appropriate to use stick meat.

The selection of medium material should take into account the specific gravity, hardness, wear resistance, low price and the difficulty of processing and manufacturing. Feed ball and iron ball have been used for a long time in China. The specific gravity of steel ball is large, and the external striking force and grinding force are large, so the grinding effect is higher than that of cast iron ball. But the steel ball processing is more hemp can, the price is 40-50 curse higher than the cast iron ball. The specific gravity and wear resistance of cast iron ball are worse than that of steel ball, and its strength is low and easy to fat crack; after the damage is determined, it is often not spherical, so the ratio of live removal of residual ball is more than that of steel ball, and the grinding ball support is large. The features of nodular cast iron are low price, easy to manufacture on site and suitable for small concentrators. In the production, steel is mostly used for big ball and cast iron is used for small ball. The former is mainly used for coarse grinding or the first grinding J in two-stage grinding, and the latter is more used for fine weaving into the second grinding in two-stage grinding.

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