Effects of overheating of Raymond mill parts

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Release time:2020-01-09

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During Raymond milling, it is normal for component temperatures to rise. Because with the increase of the equipment operating time, the friction time between components and materials, and between components and components is getting longer and longer, which will inevitably increase the temperature. However, if the temperature of the Raymond mill parts is too high, attention must be paid. Excessive temperature will not only reduce the production efficiency of the equipment, but may also cause great harm to the Raymond mill.
During the operation of Raymond Mill, sometimes we will unintentionally touch the fan equipment, which will cause the wind pressure of the fan to change and cause the motor to heat up. When the fan temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the normal operation of Raymond Mill. Therefore, when using Raymond mill powder, you must avoid this situation. 

In the production of grinding powder, the grinding roller grinding ring is a component that is in direct contact with the material, so the friction force is large and it is easy to form damage. In view of this situation, when using Raymond Mill, we must pay attention to controlling the hardness and particle size of the material to be ground to reduce the friction of the grinding ring. After milling for a period of time, pay attention to shutdown and rest. 

If the components are worn out, you must replace them with new ones in time. The lubrication of the bearing parts has a great influence on the working efficiency and quality of the entire milling equipment. If the bearing is improperly maintained, the lubricant cannot be added and replaced in time according to the regulations, or the bearing part is not tightly sealed, which will cause more oil scale to be generated, which will increase the friction resistance of the Raymond Mill bearing, which will cause the temperature of the Raymond Mill bearing component Too high. To prevent the temperature of the Raymond grinding bearing from being too high, add lubricating oil in time, ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, and prevent dust and other impurities from contaminating the parts.

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