Ball mill maintenance skills to improve service life

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Release time:2020-01-04

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The ball mill uses the large iron balls in the cylinder to roll back and forth to complete the grinding process of the material. At present, the ball mill has been widely used in the cement, fertilizer, construction and other industries. In daily operation of the ball mill, proper maintenance of the equipment can effectively increase the service life of the ball mill, thereby saving business operating costs. This article will introduce the maintenance and maintenance techniques of the ball mill.

I. Regularly inspect long-term ball mill equipment

Check whether the remaining amount of the fuel tank of the ball mill equipment is sufficient, whether there are loose parts such as nuts and other fixed parts, whether there is any abnormality in the gap between the parts, and whether the ball mill feeder is damaged.

2. Regularly replace the wearing parts for the ball mill equipment

Develop a cycle to arrange technicians to check the use of wearing parts such as the liners of ball mill equipment. If severe wear occurs, they need to be replaced immediately, and the measuring tooth surface needs to be cleaned regularly.

Third, regular maintenance of the main components of the ball mill equipment

Ball mill liners, ball mill gears, ball mill drive shafts, ball mill bearings, ball mill barrels, ball mill hollow shafts, etc. need to be regularly inspected and cleaned. Once the above parts are found to be depleted, they need to be replaced immediately, so as not to cause greater losses to the enterprise due to abnormal equipment in the future.

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