Is it beneficial to increase the Raymond roller mill pulley

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Release time:2019-12-18

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The belt pulley plays a very important role in the entire operation of Raymond Roller Mill, so what effect does its size have on the entire operation of Raymond Roller Mill? If you need to adjust its size under the basic size parameters, how to adjust it is a very critical issue. Especially the cooperation between the motor of the fan and the two pulleys on the bearing box, because the speed between them is directly related to the output of the complete system of the Raymond roller mill. If the wheel is also adjusted, the output will increase correspondingly as the speed is faster, but this cannot be adjusted too fast. If it is too fast, it may cause damage to the host. So be sure to adjust to an appropriate degree.

What to do if the Raymond roller mill main engine leaks oil? What if the main engine leaks oil during production?
1. Check if the screws are loose;
2. Is the gland screw loose?
3. The most important thing is the oil seal. The quality of the oil seal is also good or bad. The imported oil seal is better than the ordinary oil seal, so you can't just look at the price.

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