What are the factors that affect the production capacity of Raymond Mill?

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Release time:2019-10-23

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The low output of Raymond mill and the unevenness of fineness of the powder are a major problem for users of Raymond machines. The production capacity of Raymond Mill is affected by many factors, and Zhengzhou Shuguang Engineer will answer your questions.  

What are the factors that affect the production capacity of Raymond Mill? 

1. The material humidity is large. The large moisture content of the material is the main reason for the decline of the finished product output. Not only the difficulty of grinding is increased, but also the finished powder is easy to block the circulation air duct, the discharge port of the analysis machine, etc., which not only affects the output but also damages the quality of the mill.  

2. Uniform feeding is not achieved. The Raymond mill should be evenly fed during operation. The feed rate is too fast to affect the performance of the mill powder. If the feed rate is too slow, the mill equipment will idle and affect its production capacity.  

3.Raymond mill accessories are seriously worn. Wear of any one component can have an impact on production. For example, Raymond machine mainly relies on blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and analyzer blade to realize powder milling. If the damage is serious, it will affect the fineness of finished powder.

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