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Release time:2019-10-09

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Raymond mill is also called Raymond roller mill, powder machine, a three-dimensional structure grinding equipment, small footprint, strong set, from block to finished powder independently into a production system, simple operation, uniform discharge, no impurities, low noise, green environmental protection equipment, suitable for high-precision milling of various materials, the price is generally between 10 thousand and 1 million, depending on which model is selected.

Our advantage
The added sealing design of the equipment and the dust collector of various specifications will not cause dust, noise and other pollution, and it is more environmentally friendly.

The manufacture of parts such as grinding rolls and grinding rings is more ingenious, simplified vertical structure, and high-strength materials with high wear resistance and good toughness. The equipment can be operated continuously and work more efficiently.

Raymond mill uses multi-module intelligent control technology, which makes operation and management more convenient, and the floor space is smaller, the process is smoother, saving time and effort.

Raymond mill price

According to the model and the size of the Raymond mill, the price will vary, and Shuguang manufacturer has specialized in the production of milling equipment for more than 20 years,which has rich production technology and management experience. Many users have actually had a slight understand, because the Shuguang Raymond mill is sold in many regions, the equipment is directly sold to the user, skip the middleman, the price is more favorable, you can contact us anytime, there are free answers for you, or you can visit the Shuguang factory.

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