Reasonable installation of grinding ring facilitates use of Raymond mill

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Release time:2019-09-04

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Raymond mill is a popular equipment in powder industry at present. According to its own equipment type, the output is not uniform. However, both large-scale equipment and small-scale equipment can not avoid the wear of roller grinding ring. Then, when the grinding ring wears out, it needs to be replaced. Many users are not clear about its own disassembly method. The following is a brief introduction:

It is necessary to disassemble the roller ring of Raymond mill after its wear and tear, and disassembly is a technical work, which requires certain steps. If disassembly is done rashly, it will not only cause problems in the disassembly process, but also fail to achieve the goal. Some manufacturers, in order to save time, will let after-sales personnel to take down.

However, in general, it takes time for Raymond mill manufacturers to arrange technicians to arrive at the site. If the roller grinding ring is worn seriously, continuous production will reduce production, and the cost of electricity consumption, labor and other aspects are relatively high. Therefore, it is beneficial and harmless to understand the disassembly of the grinding ring.

Users should first remove the protective cover on the left side of the body of Raymond mill, the double pulley on the triangular belt, flat belt and fast roll shaft, and the gear box and pinion on the right side of the body. Thirdly, the pull rod spring assembly is removed, the grinding door is removed, the left and right, front and rear patches and four bearing seat components are removed, and the grinding rollers are taken out by the grinding door.

After removing the roll ring of Raymond mill, the installation and disassembly are opposite. At this time, the newly purchased roll ring needs to be installed. Before and after use, the new roller grinding device should carefully check whether the connecting bolt and nut plug is loosened and whether the lubricating grease is enough.

When the service time of the roller grinding ring of Raymond mill exceeds the prescribed range, it is necessary to replace the new roller grinding ring, clean the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve, and replace the damaged parts. For the replacement of roller grinding ring, as long as they learn more and do more, many things can be solved by themselves.

At the same time, as long as you pay attention to the details and make adequate preparations before you start, you can try. This not only saves the replacement time of the roller ring of Raymond mill, but also saves the replacement cost of vulnerable parts.

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