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Release time:2019-06-06

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Calcium carbonate powder has wide application in the industrial industry,which can be used in the paper,rubber,paint, coating, medicine, cosmetic, fodder, sealing, bonding and polishing and has more extensive uses. The investment of calcium carbonate superfine powder has a very good market prospect.

In the machining process of calcium carbonate, the first is to use coarse crusher to crush limestone, and achieve the fineness that calcium carbonate grinding mill can process. Through calcium carbonate grinding mill, limestone and calcite are processed into Calcium Carbonate powder, which is supplied to the industry.

Using new type calcium carbonate grinding mill produced by Shuguang Heavy Machinery, stone can be made into powder whose fineness is between 300 meshes and 2500 meshes, which is more widely used. Calcium Carbonate powder fineness between 400 meshes and 600 meshes, they can be used in toothpaste, soap and other cosmetic products; Calcium Carbonate powder fineness is 800 meshes and it can be used in rubber, plastic, cable and other industries; and finer powder of 1250 meshes is applied to PVC, PE, paint, coating products, paper coating, paper surface coating, etc. From this we can see that Calcium Carbonate’s use has a big extension and it entirely thanks to the progress of calcium carbonate grinding mill technology.
A series of calcium carbonate grinding milling machines produced by Shuguang Heavy Machinery can process a variety of powder materials, such as calcite, barite, dolomite, Calcium Carbonate and other stones, and finished product fineness is 300-2500 meshes, which is one of the most professional equipment for processing powder in China. Calcium carbonate grinding mill conquers difficulty of  powder classification and becomes the most popular equipment in milling industry.

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