Working efficiency of wet small ball mill

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Release time:2018-11-12

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Small ball mills are widely used. We constantly improve the performance of small ball mills. Here are some knowledge about small ball mills.

1. The influence of import material size and export abrasive of small ball mill, control the size of limestone particle entering small ball mill, and make the size of material in the design range. The particle size of ordinary wet small ball mill is 80% particles smaller than 12mm. Adjust inlet intake of small ball mill. Generally, in order to reduce power consumption, small ball mills should always operate under rated conditions, but sometimes for various reasons, the steel ball is not replenished in time, and the feed quantity should be reduced appropriately according to the current reduction of the main motor of the small ball mill in order to ensure that the size of slurry is up to standard.

2. The speed of slurry pump of small wet ball mill is adjusted. The pulley of slurry pump is replaced after the pressure test at the swirl station last night during the debugging period.

3. The size of grinding material is adjusted by the ratio of steel balls in small ball mill. Limestone is slurry formed by impact, extrusion and grinding of steel balls. If the steel balls are not loaded enough, the fineness will be difficult to meet the requirements. Keeping reasonable ball load and steel ball ratio can get twice the result with half the effort. In the work, the load of steel balls is monitored by monitoring the current of the main motor of the small ball mill. If it is found that the current decreases obviously, the steel balls need to be supplemented in time. When the ball mill is first put into operation, the quality ratio of the steel ball should be designed according to the design. Experience tells us that steel ball replenishment generally only replenishes the type with the largest diameter, because steel balls of different diameters after wear can be included in other models. After running for a period of time, it can be added to the ball according to the abrasion of the steel ball, usually after running for 3 months.

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