Leather shredder

Product summary:The paint bucket shredder is a new type of shredder that is new, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The paint bucket shredder has the characteristics of flexibility, compact structure and large output.


Product details


The paint bucket shredder is a new type of shredder that is new, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The paint bucket shredder has the characteristics of flexibility, compact structure and large output. The paint bucket shredder is mainly used for large waste recycling stations. The paint bucket shredder can be used for dew tanks, red cattle beverage cans, beer cans, Various cans such as oil drums and paint cans are broken into agglomerated particles to reduce transportation costs and increase the speed of iron scraping.

Leather shredder introduction


Dawning paint bucket shredder can produce all kinds of paint buckets, small paint buckets, used cans, lulu cans, beverage cans, beer cans, red cattle cans, eight-treasure porridge cans, and its cans, metal cans, cans, cans Various metal cans such as waste iron sheets, scrap iron slag, moon cake boxes, and cans are broken into lumps, thereby reducing transportation costs and increasing the speed of iron scraping. When the shredder equipment is working, the material can be fully and effectively finely crushed in the crushing chamber, with high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge and fineness, and low noise, no pollution, operation when using the equipment. Simple and easy to maintain.

Leather shredder

Working principle:

The waste goods are put into the shredder through the automatic feeding machine (the loading machine is equipped according to the customer's requirements), and the main shaft of the blade in the shredder box is rotated by the motor and the speed reducer to obtain the medium-speed rotation, and the waste materials are cut, cut, squeezed, Press, tear into small pieces, and discharge from the hopper. The size of the shredded object can be adjusted.

pieces of leather

Security rules:

1. After starting, when the standby device reaches normal operation, it is allowed to feed the crop evenly and continuously.

2. Pay attention to the speed of the motor, the sound and the temperature of the bearing.

3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port. The sleeves of the clothes should be tight, and the mask and work cap should be worn.

4. When feeding, pay attention to whether there are hard objects such as stones, trowels and tool screws in the input to avoid damage to the machine and personal accidents.

5. Do not hang belts, oil, clean and troubleshoot when the machine is turning.

6, found the following problems should be shut down the engine, shutdown processing, 1 motor smoke, 2 blocked, 3 crush quality is not good, 4 bearings overheated, more than 60 degrees.


Model Knife Size Power
Knife Quantity Reducer Machine Size M Weight
Φ300*20 15*2 0.4-1 30 ZJQ350*2 2.6*1.1*2.1 2.2
Φ300*20 15*2 0.8-1.2 40 ZJQ400*2 3*1.2*2.2 3
Φ300*30 18.5*2 1-1.5 26 ZJQ400*2 3*1.2*2.2 3.5
Φ300*40 22*2 1.5-2 20 ZJQ500*2 3*1.2*2.2 5
Φ300*30 30*2 1-1.2 34 ZJQ400*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6
Φ300*40 37*2 1-1.5 26 ZJQ500*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6.3
Φ400*40 37*2 1-2 26 ZJQ500*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6.5
Φ400*50 45*2 1.5-2.5 20 ZJQ650*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 7
Φ300*40 45*2 2.5-3 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 8
Φ400*40 45*2 2.8-3.3 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 8.5
Φ500*40 55*2 3-3.5 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 9
Φ300*30 55*2 3.8-4.5 50 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 11
Φ400*40 55*2 4-5 38 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 12
Φ500*50 75*2 4.5-5.5 30 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 14
Φ550*50 75*2 5-6 30 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 16
Φ400*40 90*2 6-7 45 Zsy355*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 17
Φ550*50 90*2 7.5-8.5 36 Zsy355*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 18
Φ600*60 90*2 9-10 30 Zsy400*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 19
Φ550*50 110*2 10-13 40 Zsy400*2 6*2.2*3.5 22
Φ600*60 110*2 12-16 34 Zsy450*2 6*2.2*3.5 23
Φ650*60 110*2 15-20 34 Zsy450*2 6*2.2*3.5 25

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