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Product summary:Product introduction:Automobile waste tire shredder is an essential equipment for recycling and granulating waste automobile tires, waste plastics and waste rubber products. It can pulverize various plastics (woven bags, agricultural films, handbags, rubb


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Automobile waste tire shredder is an essential equipment for recycling and granulating waste automobile tires, waste plastics and waste rubber products. It can pulverize various plastics (woven bags, agricultural films, handbags, rubber, sponges, etc.) into small pieces, and clean and remove the dust and impurities while pulverizing, thereby obtaining clean and clean plastic items and making plastics. The recycling machine can work smoothly.


1. Save transportation costs and landfill costs. Some of the garbage in life is very large, for example: furniture waste, wood waste... If we pull it directly into the landfill, it can be imagined that the transportation cost is very expensive. Many people think that China's current landfills are not charged. In fact, it is misunderstood. The garbage fees we usually pay include the fees paid to the landfill. In the United States, the landfill is dumped into landfills. The volume is paid, in other words, the larger the volume of your garbage, the more you pay, because the United States will first break the garbage to save money.

2. Recycling rubber waste. In fact, many rubber products in our lives can be recycled and reused. As long as we shred it into small enough particles, we can put it into the extruder to melt and then use it. However, the key point is that the rubber waste particles used for feeding must be small enough, because the steps before the extrusion granulation process generally break the rubber products such as tires first. People's lives are now inseparable from cars, and as a result, they produce large amounts of tire rubber waste. Recycling tires is a big market. The tire shredder is an efficient and practical helper for rubber product recycling.

Structure principle:

A complete set of tire crusher production line processes waste tires and waste miscellaneous rubber at room temperature. The equipment is equipped with a Feng Shui cold cooling system, a micro-dust removal device, an atomization spray system, etc. In addition, according to the user's special raw materials plus independent dust removal and fiber removal equipment. .

Security rules:

1. After starting, when the standby device reaches normal operation, it is allowed to feed the crop evenly and continuously.

2. Pay attention to the speed of the motor, the sound and the temperature of the bearing.

3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port. The sleeves of the clothes should be tight, and the mask and work cap should be worn.

4. When feeding, pay attention to whether there are hard objects such as stones, trowels and tool screws in the input to avoid damage to the machine and personal accidents.

5. Do not hang belts, oil, clean and troubleshoot when the machine is turning.

6, found the following problems should be shut down the engine, shutdown processing, 1 motor smoke, 2 blocked, 3 crush quality is not good, 4 bearings overheated, more than 60 degrees.

Techical Data:

Model Knife Size Power
Knife Quantity Reducer Machine Size M Weight
Φ300*20 15*2 0.4-1 30 ZJQ350*2 2.6*1.1*2.1 2.2
Φ300*20 15*2 0.8-1.2 40 ZJQ400*2 3*1.2*2.2 3
Φ300*30 18.5*2 1-1.5 26 ZJQ400*2 3*1.2*2.2 3.5
Φ300*40 22*2 1.5-2 20 ZJQ500*2 3*1.2*2.2 5
Φ300*30 30*2 1-1.2 34 ZJQ400*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6
Φ300*40 37*2 1-1.5 26 ZJQ500*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6.3
Φ400*40 37*2 1-2 26 ZJQ500*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 6.5
Φ400*50 45*2 1.5-2.5 20 ZJQ650*2 3.4*1.25*2.2 7
Φ300*40 45*2 2.5-3 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 8
Φ400*40 45*2 2.8-3.3 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 8.5
Φ500*40 55*2 3-3.5 30 ZJQ650*2 3.8*1.25*2.2 9
Φ300*30 55*2 3.8-4.5 50 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 11
Φ400*40 55*2 4-5 38 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 12
Φ500*50 75*2 4.5-5.5 30 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 14
Φ550*50 75*2 5-6 30 ZJQ750*2 4.4*1.5*2.5 16
Φ400*40 90*2 6-7 45 Zsy355*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 17
Φ550*50 90*2 7.5-8.5 36 Zsy355*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 18
Φ600*60 90*2 9-10 30 Zsy400*2 5.3*2.1*2.8 19
Φ550*50 110*2 10-13 40 Zsy400*2 6*2.2*3.5 22
Φ600*60 110*2 12-16 34 Zsy450*2 6*2.2*3.5 23
Φ650*60 110*2 15-20 34 Zsy450*2 6*2.2*3.5 25

Remarks: The above parameters are configured differently according to the characteristics of different materials, and the parameters are subject to change without notice.

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