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Industrial tire shredder,Industrial tyres tear up equipment
Date:2017-10-09 16:20 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Industrial tire shredder

  Industrial tire shredder:

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  • China
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Classification of tire shredder:
Tire shredding machine in various shapes and sizes, each manufacturer's appearance design have distinguishing feature each, but according to the actual production requirement, specific requirement, torn tire shredding machine internal knife roller is basically divided into four, respectively is: uniaxial knife roller, biaxial knife roller, four axis knife roller, coarse crushing knife roller. So we can divide the tire shredder into four categories: single axle tire shredder, double-axle tire shredder, four-axle tire shredder, coarse tire shredder.
Advantages of tire shredder:
1. Cost of transportation and landfill cost. Some of the garbage in life is very large, such as: furniture, garbage, lumber, garbage... If we pull it directly to the landfill, it is conceivable that transportation costs are very expensive. Many people believe that China's current landfills not to collect fees, is misunderstood, we pay at ordinary times of garbage fee already contains to pay the cost of the landfill site, in the United States, waste to landfill is pay by the volume of waste landfill, in other words, said your garbage volume is larger, the more you pay cost, because, the garbage processing will first in order to achieve the purpose of cost saving for crushing the waste.
Recycle rubber waste. In fact, many rubber products in our lives can be recycled and reused. As long as we tear it up into enough small particles we can put it in the extruder to melt it and squeeze it out. But the key point is that the rubber waste particles must be small enough to be used to crush the rubber products before the process. People can't live without cars, so they produce a lot of rubber waste, and recycling is a big market for tires. The tire shredder is an efficient and practical helper for the recycling of rubber products.

Product parameters:
Product parameters