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Grinding mill

  Grinding mill:

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The purpose of the mill mill
The mill mill is mainly applicable to powder grinding equipment for gold, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other mineral materials. Scope of grinding barite, calcite, corundum, silicon carbide, potassium feldspar, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, peng bentonite, gaoling soil, white cement, light calcium carbonate, plaster, glass, titanium ore, copper ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, refractory materials, insulation materials, gangue, coal powder, carbon black, clay, talc powder, shell, resins, iron oxide, red Huang Dan, quartz and so on more than 500 kinds of hardness in Morse seven below, the temperature is below 6% of all kinds of inflammable and explosive mineral materials and chemical raw materials.
How the grinding mill works
Working principle of the grinding mill is a large materials after jaw crusher broken to the required size, the elevator will material sent to the storage hopper, then through quantitative continuous vibrating feeder evenly into the indoor host grinding of grinding, grinding powder after being taken away by fan, by the parser for grading, conform to the fineness of finished product with the air flow through the wind pipe into the election collection tube are collected, then through the powder tube eduction is the finished product powder. The air flow is collected by the large cyclone collecting tube, and then the powder tube is expelled. The air flow is then collected by the large cyclone collector to the air tube suction blower. The whole system is closed and circulatory, and it circulates under positive and negative pressure.
Characteristics of grinding mill
1. The grinding machine structure is composed of host analyzer, pipeline device, blower, jaw crusher, elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control motor and so on.
2. The main transmission device of the grinding mill adopts the sealed gearbox and the main parts of the belt wheel, which is made of high quality steel, so the whole machine is stable and reliable and durable.
3. The grinding mill is a vertical structure, characterized by small footprint, strong set of characteristics, from fast material to crushing to finished product, and packaging ability to independently become a production system.
4, grinding mill electrical system adopts centralized control, selection of advanced and reasonable, abrasive basic can achieve unattended operation in the workshop, the vibration, vibrating feeder small volume, light weight, feeding uniformity is easy to adjust and save electricity, convenient use and maintenance.
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