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Select different Raymond mill equipment according to different materials
Date:2018-09-14 11:44 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Raymond mills in the work will be based on different materials to choose different equipment, then some harder materials if the use of ordinary Raymond mills for processing will have what impact?
Raymond mill is suitable for the processing of materials with hardness less than 6 Higher hardness will shorten the life of the equipment. Raymond mill has many advantages, such as strong processing ability, can process hundreds of materials. In actual production, some users process materials with relatively high hardness, then this material can use Raymond grinding? For materials with relatively high hardness, we do not recommend the use of Raymond mill for processing, because it will cause greater wear and tear equipment accessories, thereby shortening the life of equipment. Under normal circumstances, Raymond mill is suitable for the processing of Mohs hardness less than 6, and the hardness is not high enough. In Raymond mill, there are grinding rolls, grinding rings and other accessories, these accessories are vulnerable parts, if the material hardness is relatively large, then these Raymond mill accessories will cause greater wear and tear, shorten the life of equipment, increase the user's use cost.

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