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Accessories that are easier to wear in Raymond Mill
Date:2018-09-14 11:38 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Raymond mills as a mechanical equipment, in peacetime work and production of some failures are inevitable, such as the wear of some vulnerable parts, so that vulnerable parts in peacetime work mainly contact with materials directly. So wear is relatively fast, so which accessories wear easily when the Raymond machine works?
First of all, we should understand the function and performance of Raymond mill. It is through extrusion and grinding materials to achieve the production purpose. In the production process, those parts directly in contact with the material will wear faster, those assisted grinding of large objects will wear slower, but are collectively called vulnerable parts.
Raymond mill is mainly through the shovel to shovel up the material, and then through the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller and grinding ring for extrusion grinding, grinding roller is controlled by hanging bearing chamber, so these are direct contact with the material is wear faster replacement of more frequent accessories. The second is the grinding ring. The grinding roller is produced by extrusion and grinding with the grinding ring, so the grinding ring wears slightly slower than the previous parts. The grinding ring is fixed by the air duct, so the air duct is a wearing piece which is worn slowly. And the grinding roll wear to a certain extent will be replaced, otherwise it will hurt the inner core of the roll, reduce the service life of the core. Another is the grinding ring, the wearing ring must be replaced after a certain degree of wear, do not think that more work will be okay, if the grinding ring is worn out, it will be involved in the air duct, the air duct can be called the mother of the whole machine, not only to replace the cost is several times the grinding ring, then it will not be worth losing.

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