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How many meshes can be processed by calcium carbonate micro grinding?
Date:2018-08-01 15:31 Author:Raymond Mill Manufacturer
Nowadays, there are many kinds of micro grinding. It is a very common industrial project to ground the ore into powder. The fineness of the materials and finished products processed by different micro grinding uses is different. According to the grinding conditions of different micro grinding, the Zhengzhou Shuguang machinery has developed a variety of types and types of grinding equipment. To provide the user selection. After a long period of market research, the requirements of the customers on the powder are generally about 300 meshes, and can be processed by ordinary mill.
Calcium carbonate micro grinding can be used to process more than 1000 orders of material. For the processing of ore materials about 1000 orders of ore, the world industry recommends the use of the latest model of calcium carbonate micro powder grinding to make grinding and production. It is mainly suitable for high fineness of the ore materials. The micro grinding of calcium carbonate is based on the production base of many years, based on the flow. The superfine powder processing equipment developed by body mechanics.
The micro grinding of calcium carbonate can be used to process superfine powder of more than 500 kinds of materials. The maximum fineness of the grinding powder material can reach 3500 eyes. The processing of 1500 purpose ore powder is straightforward. The micro grinding of calcium carbonate can process the ore material into a finished material with different fineness. The fineness of the 325-3000 finished product can be easily achieved. If you want to process other fineness of finished products, the other industry's other grinding equipment can achieve the target fineness you need.